Weddings in Italy

I Do in Italy is a network designed for the dissemination of concrete information, lists of locations and suppliers for all peoples--both foreigners and Italians alike--who wish to organize or hold their weddings in collaboration with the greatest that the Italian wedding industry has to offer.

I Do in Italy is a website par excellence that features only the top class of wedding planning in Italy: It serves as a showcase for all of the suppliers within the food & beverage sector, florists and floral designers, wedding lodges, hotels and dream locations, all with an aspiration towards perfection.

Being committed to the “I Do in Italy” project, our partners are given a spotlight and become a point of reference for all foreigners who choose the Bel Paese as the ideal location for their big day, as well as for all Italians who dream of an “unconventional” wedding to set them apart.

In this website, you will find the best that the wedding sector has to offer, including a wedding planning agency that, through experience in the field and knowledge of the land, is among the most famous and renowned in Italy.

For all suppliers and people who might own or manage a striking location, “I Do in Italy” represents a turning point: a place where, indeed, one can elevate oneself to a place of true excellence and hold the advantage of being known abroad.




Myriam Pieralisi - Abiti da Sposa Roma

Atelier Myriam Pieralisi

The Pieralisi Atelier was born in Rome, in 1960, as Teodolinda Giannini Pieralisi opened her sartorial shop, offering bespoke creations. A few years later,…


International Catering

 International catering is actually a 100% Italian enterprise. It born of two catering and banqueting professionals’ taste for new challenges, after their 20…

Sergio Mei

Sergio Mei Milan , October 13th 2015 “I know boats that forget to leave. They are afraid of the sea by dint of age”…




Speriamo che non piova

Speriamo che non piova

Hold a postcard from Italy in your hands, close your eyes and allow yourself to be overcome by the vivid memories of blue skies,…

Il Mio Matrimonio

Let’s take Valentina d’Amelio and Valeria Montoneri, two event planners with large an diversified experience in the field, let’s take their ideas, their aesthetic…


Wedding in Salento

Wedding in Salento

Wedding in Salento. Today I am pleased to talk to you about Salento and the wonderful weddings held in this incredible land. The beauty…

Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is a sea town and comune in the province of Lucca, in northern Tuscany (Italy). Tourism in Forte dei Marmi started at the end of the 18th…