Where to Eat in Italy – The 10 Most Special Italian Restaurants

Where To Eat In Italy

Where To Eat In Italy

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as you well know, the Bel Paese is certainly famous for its culinary art all over the world. Italian restaurants are opened day after day in different parts of the world offering pizza as the centerpiece of their cuisine. There is a plethora of people who decide to visit Italy for the purpose of savoring the local delicacies likewise, even so, if the joy of eating well is considered the need for many, the catering services provide genuine art.

And so, I decided to present to you the 10 most bizzare and offbeat restaurants where to eat in italy Italy, where you can not only eat and drink well but also enjoy overwhelming experience in an exclusive ambience. These are some quizzical places standing out from classical restaurants and boasting of unprecedented peculiarities each.


The state-of-the-art and creative setups for making your dinner a unique and unforgettable experience. These places have rejected the tradition in order to bring forth everything extraordinary.

Where to Eat in Italy: A Special Dinner

1. Cencio la Parolaccia

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Cencio La Parolaccia||

I could not miss the chance to kick off my selection of the 10 most bizarre places with Cencio la Parolaccia – an already historical Roman restaurant appreciated in Italy and beyond for its peculiar characteristics. The restaurant is located on Trastevere, one of the most distinctive zones of the Eternal City, offering a particular form of entertainment in its interior along with typical Roman cuisine. Indeed, the waiters here are in charge of serving the clients with insults and jokes during the evening. There will certainly be plenty of laughs thanks to the cabaret with music, offends and antics against a sexual background as well. This surely is not a place for particularly peevish individuals, however, you can calmly respond to all the insults thus giving way to a joyful debate concerning your companion for the rest of the evening.

2. ATMosfera

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Atmosfera||

This time we are heading to Milan for a truly unique and intriguing dinner. Here we are at a tram-restaurant persuing a special itinerary that gives you the possibility to admire the beauty of travelling in the heart of Milan along with the pleasure of eating. You will cross the most typical streets of the Italian fashion capital tasting the delilicacies of the Lombard cuisine at the same time. A romantic atmosphere, ideal for a dinner for two, where you will be able to forget about the time through these wonderful trams still maintaining their characteristic vintage spirit but simultaneously being furnished with all the up-to-date comforts.

3. Grotta Palazzese

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Grotta Palazzese||

Grotta Palazzese represents not only one of unusual but similarly one of the most beautiful restaurants across the Bel Paese. We are in the magnificent Puglia region, namely, in Polignano a Mare, being already highly acclaimed among the tourists for its bewitching sea and not only. An exquisite restaurant designed and built inside a natural cave. The blue of the sea and the sky contrast to the misterious character of the natural cavity. The daylight colors accentuate the beauty of the coastal landscape, while those of the evening, at sunset, offer unforgettable gradations into the charm and elegance of the restaurant lights.

4. Ristoareo

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Ristoaereo||

Let’s get back to Rome and more specifically, to Fiumicino, in order to keep on exploring distinguished places where to eat in Italy. And where to indulge into the pleasure of eating if not  inside a plane? A perfect mix of uniqueness and romance. The captain himself will welcome you and will lead your romantic dinner all the way. Inside you can appreciate the Convair mod. Metropolitan 440, as well as taste food in a hall within it. The Plane was built in 1957, at San Francisco worksites in California, introducing one of the most fascinating and prestigious aircrafts at the time. Today the Ristoaereo hosts 24 persons in its renovated interior conceived in each detail in order to guest you in a unique and special setting.

5. Ciabot

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – CIabot||

The Ciabot is recognized as the world’s most insane restaurant due to its equally exclusive services. An aperitif here is served while being seated on WC, the raviolli are brought by tractors and the “risotto alla muratora” with a wheelbarrow as a consequence. After the second courses of meat, a dessert is served, which is delicious, although resembles a… (it is for nothing that it is served in a chamber pot!). And finally, the ammazzacaffe’ tasted directly with a funnel! A homemade style in a goliardic context for an evening with plenty of entertainment.

6. Solo Per Due (Only For Two)

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Solo Per Due||

Does not a candlelit dinner sound sufficiently romantic to you? Then we have found a perfect place for you to enjoy a dinner in an ambience that is more than just exclusive.You will find yourselves in a magic atmosphere of the restaurant designed and created solely for a dinner for two with the entire staff at your service. And this is the smallest dining space around the world.

7. Luci Spente

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Luci Spente||

In case you seek an experience the memories of which will endure in time, the Luci Spente is an ideal choice. This is literally a dinner predominated by your feelings and sensations. You will enjoy the experience of dining in the dark, representing an initiative suggested by the Institute of Blinds of Milan, that offers the possibility to taste excellent dishes in an evocative climate. In fact, besides the proposed path that can be taken in total darkness with the help of a guide in order to immerse in the life of the blind, facing for a moment all their issues while crossing a street after the most incomplex operations or the most intricate ones, you will be able to enjoy dinner the main protagonists of which will become odours and tastes.

8. Cena Sull’albero (Dinner on the tree)

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Cena Sull’Albero||

Provided you do not suffer from dizziness and are among nature lovers, you absolutely have to experience a dinner up on a tree. While replenishing our selection of the 10 most special places where to eat in Italy, we find ouselves in the Rur Park, granting you the lucky chance to dine or to spend a nice time tasting your outdoor meal at a height of 7 meters.

9. Crazy Cat Cafe

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Crazy Cat Cafè||

Cat –lovers are highly recommended to pay a visit to this place in Milan for savoring a cup of coffee amidst the cats purring all over the cafe. Indeed, those felines, moving freely between the tables, are considered the absolute owners of this dining place the furnishing of which has been primarily carried out in accordance with the cats’ needs. Here you will have the possibility to eat your breakfast starting your day with cat purring and interwines or spend a pleasant evening savoring delicious dinner in an atmosphere cut out for feline admirers

10. Ice Club

Where To Eat In Italy

||Where To Eat In Italy – Ice Club||

Once again our collection of the 10 peculiar restaurants throughout Italy leads us to Rome and if you are fond of Vodka, you definitly have to taste it here in this chilly place. The interior is completely made of ice thus helping you to live the unique experience of the Eskimos inside their traditional igloo.

Make sure to stop by and visit these places for enjoying unequalled experiences!


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