What is I do in Italy?

Who is behind I do in Italy?

Anna Marinello: Italian wedding planner.

I have extensive experience in the wedding industry: I know many locations, serious and professional suppliers and I really want everyone abroad to appreciate the beauty and tradition of the Italian wedding world.
My challenge is linked to these considerations and it’s my objective with I do in Italy… the magazine, the blog, the website, the videos. I must say, it’s a lot of work but the desire to join a cultural project to business is much greater.

I do in Italy has the goal of becoming a reference point and a link between those who want to enjoy Italian beauty, but don’t know exactly what to do, and the qualified suppliers that our country has to offer, but who need to be more accessible to a new audience, to those who live in other countries around the world and speak different languages.

Lately, celebrities from USA, UK, India have chosen to come to Italy to get married… why? Because it’s the most beautiful country in the world, of course!

Each week on our blog my team and I will tell you about traditions, curiosities, news and will share with you our knowledge with the hope that many of you will decide to come and get married in Italy.

I can help you arrange your most beautiful day in Italy or simply advise you while chosing the perfect location or the best florist …. or just become your Italian friend who knows everything about weddings in Italy! :)


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