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We provide the core Destination Wedding Planner Certification.  Our courses are constantly evolving and changing to properly reflect the wedding industry, trends, best practices and marketing approaches.  Our lead instructors are made up of working Wedding Professionals in order to provide the most useful and relevant information to our students.

We provide training and tools on how to market yourself and promote destination weddings. You will enjoy learning about the most popular wedding destinations and top selling resorts from Industry professionals. Become familiar with the legal Marriage Requirements of Italy. Become aware of things that can go wrong, learn how to handle them when they do go wrong and most importantly practice prevention. You will want to immerse yourself in our “Cultural Study,” where you will learn about interesting traditions and wedding etiquette of Italian cultures. Hear from the Industries best, the latest photography and cinematography techniques. You will be inspired by unique stationery and favor ideas for destination brides. Become familiar with the latest trends in destination bridal wear. In our “Be Social” class you will have the opportunity to develop marketing skills and take advantage of the latest platforms and networks to help grow your business.



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The Wedding Course

5 days basic cours in Roma

Training camp a choice between

  • april 2018 4 days in Lake area
  • may 2018 4 days in Amalfy coast
  • june 2018 4 day in Sicily

All the courses are all included, overnight lunches and dinners, the didactic material  and transfers.

Excluding the airline ticket.

“The Basics”

  • Why Should You specialize in destination wedding in Italy?
  • Are you ready for this niche?

Working With Key Destination Wedding Suppliers

  • Packages or tailor made wedding
  • The Leading Destination Wedding Wholesalers
  • The Leading Destination Wedding Hotel and Resort Companies
  • Focus and Pick the Best Partners

The Components of a Destination Wedding

  • The Key Questions for Your DW Clients
  • The Location
  • The Date
  • The Legal Marriage Requirements
  • The Wedding Ceremony Details
  • Other Events in the Typical DW Schedule
  • Other DW Details
  • Travel and Wedding Insurance

Working With Destination Wedding Clients

  • The Initial Consultation
  • Proposals and Quotes
  • Service Fees
  • Client Agreements and Payments
  • Communicating Travel Details to Clients and Their Guests
  • Capturing the Bookings of Wedding Guests
  • Managing Clients and Guests Through the Departure and Beyond

Managing Your destination Wedding Business

  • Client Databases
  • Client Files, Spreadsheets, and Due-Date Lists
  • Group Contracts and Booking Codes
  • Critical Legal Issues for Destination Wedding Specialists

Marketing and Promoting Yourself as a Specialist

  • Positioning Yourself as a Specialist in Your Market Area
  • Destination Wedding Web Sites
  • Facebook
  • Other Online Marketing Tools
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Contacts With Current/Past Clients and With Existing Prospects
  • Email Newsletters
  • Local Retailers (Wedding and Non-Wedding)
  • Local Events, Seminars, and Speaking Engagements
  • Testimonials
  • Referrals and Repeat Business
  • Local Public Relations Efforts

Resolving Common Issues in Your destination wedding Business

  • Price Shoppers
  • Expectations and Habits
  • Children
  • Gratuities
  • Out-of-Country Vendors
  • Site Visits by Clients
  • Fan Trips and Site Inspections
  • Inclement Weather
  • “Disappearing” Clients
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Clients

This tour is designed to acquaint you with the product you have received in the classroom, come to life in the destination, experiencing the resort and/or location and destination wedding logistics.

The ultimate purpose of the training camp is to allow you to increase knowledge of the tour product and hands on experience with a part of the industry that you have studied.  The journey will enable you to return home and begin selling and promoting for your clients and community.

Area “ specialist “

  • Personally visit the resorts and wedding locations in destination.
  • Experience various destination wedding visions come to life as you view chic decor and signature accents.
  • Meet photographers, florist, and your on-site destination wedding teams that YOU would be personally working with.


Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and the Destination Wedding Specialist certification. Your certificate will reassure future clients and employers that you can successfully meet their expectations during the process of planning a destination wedding.

Imagine being able to coordinate gorgeous wedding ceremonies on beautiful beaches or rustic receptions in faraway castles. IDO Destination Wedding Planning specialization course will show you how to organize and coordinate weddings all over Italy

You’ll learn how to organize wedding details by effectively communicating with vendors from a distance. You’ll see how translators, travel agents, and other vendors play a large role in creating the perfect wedding experience. You’ll learn how to network with planners in other countries and market yourself as an expert in planning destination weddings.

You’ll help your clients choose the destination of their dreams, facilitate travel arrangements, and pull together a theme, décor and menu items that perfectly suit the location.

Note: This is an advanced course that assumes a degree of knowledge in the event and wedding planning industry. Students should have previous training in  Basic wedding planning cours before taking this course.

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