Visiting Vineyards in Le Marche & Bottling Wine

Our Life in Italy: Visiting Vineyards in Le Marche & Bottling Wine

Every year we visit our favorite winemakers to collect hundreds of liters of wine for guests. In this short film we visit 3 vineyards & winemakers, buying 600 liters of loose wine or vino sfuso and then return to our farm to bottle, cork and label the bottles with guests!

Every year, hosts Ashley and Jason Bartner visit their favorite winemakers to collect hundreds of litres of wine for their guests.

In this short film we see them visit 3 vineyards and winemakers, buying 600 litres of several different types of unbottled wine and then return to their farm to bottle, cork and label the bottles with their guests.

The wine makers from Le Marche, featured in this video are:

Cantina Serenelli, located in the area of Monte Conero, producing Verdicchio, Sauvignon Blanc, Montepulciano and Sangiovese.

Antica Cantina Sant’Amico, located in the area of Castelli dei Jesi, producing Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi D.O.C.

Cantina Giusti, located in Morro d’Alba, producing even more Verdicchio, as well as Trebbiano, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba and Rosato di Lacrima.

From the vineyard to the table: the house wine journey

Have you ever wondered how the House Wine came to be on your table, when you are eating at a local trattoria? Or how bottles are corked? Every single bottle in this farm is manually corked and labelled by the owners and their friends and guests, which makes the experience of drinking those same wines even richer and more fulfilling. The wine goes directly from the vineyard to the casks from which it is transferred into unlabelled bottles. The cork is pressed in with a special machine (which is particularly satisfying to watch) and then the bottle is labelled and stored according to its content’s specific needs.

Find out more about Ashley and Jason Bartner, their farm and their life in Italy, on their official websiteLa Tavola Marche.

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