The top 5 wedding venues on Lake Como

wedding venues on Lake Como

Dear friends, scouting for wedding venues in the most beautiful locations in Italy is one of the things I love the most about my job, and this week I explored the beautiful area around Lake Como. This is a popular destination that attracts tourists from all over the world and, as you might expect, there are several spectacular wedding venues, in which to host a memorable ceremony for your guests. Here’s my personal selection of the top 5 wedding venues on Lake Como.

“That branch of the Lake of Como, which turns toward the south between two unbroken chains of mountains, presenting to the eye a succession of bays and gulfs, formed by their jutting and retiring ridges, suddenly contracts itself between a headland to the right and an extended sloping bank on the left, and assumes the flow and appearance of a river.”

Alessandro Manzoni

This is how one of the fathers of modern Italian Literature, Alessandro Manzoni, described Lake Como in his novel The Bethroted. To this day, it is nigh on impossible not to quote this passage when describing the lake, which was ranked by the Huffington Post in 2014 as the most beautiful lake in the world.

Many travel to Lake Como, drawn by its unique charm, laced with a faint air of mystery. The fact that a number of celebrities – actor George Clooney among them – have elected to reside or holiday here has contributed to the lake’s international popularity. Lake Como was also features in several Hollywood movies, which has made it even more iconic and internationally recognisable.

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I can think of few places that would provide a more elegant and romantic backdrop for your wedding. The choice of wedding venues in this area is vast and the quality is particularly high. What follows is a carefully selected list of my personal favourites.

The top 5 wedding venues on Lake Como.

Wedding venues on Lake Como

Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is a stunning place and a rare example of how human ingenuity can coexist in harmony with natural beauty. The whole property measures over 18 acres and it encompasses gardens and museums, within a natural cove encased bewteen the lake and the mountain. Here, at the end of the XVII Century, marquis Giorgio Clerici had a superb mansion built, an imposing structure, surrounded by a traditional Italian garden, whose sober elegance is set off perfectly by the breath-taking view of the towns of Grigne and Bellagio. You will be reminded of Cupid and Psyche and of Romeo and Juliet: this venue is so perfectly suited to iconic love that it is simply impossible not to cast it as the ideal wedding location. If you wish to celebrate your civil wedding at Villa Carlotta, you will be able to use a specifically assigned hall or the Camellia Terrace, which your make the atmosphere of your ceremony unique and unforgettable.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

This venue is exactly what you need, exactly where you need it. Exclusive, stunning and ideally located, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo stands on the shore of Lake Como, in one of the most scenic spots of the area, right across from Bellagio, at the point where the two watery branches meet before the pink form of Grigne. Villa Sola Cabiati has been a gem on these shores since the 1700s. Nowadays, this historic mansion has gone from private possession of a noble Lombard family to exclusive hotel. A wedding reception at Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a memorable occasion, designed to make you look and feel like a Hollywood star. Whether you want your reception to be traditional or cutting-edge, sumptuous or minimalistic, elegant or quirky, this is the perfect venue to celebrate in style.

Villa Erba

Villa Erba is a XIX Century architectural gem. It used to be the residence of the noble family by the same name, but nowadays its ancient frescoes, its richly engraved coffered ceilings and its halls decorated in the mannerist style are used to host memorable events. Villa Erba is the ideal place in which to plan a prestigious ceremony, with a touch of glamour. The vast grounds, whose ancient trees and carefully manicured gardens stretch all the way to the lakeside, offer a variety of options for outdoors entertainment and relaxation.

Casta Diva Resort & SPA

Are you after a luxury venue with a spectacular view, in which to host a dream wedding, a grand reception or a solemn ceremony? Casta Diva Resort & Spa is the place you have been looking for. This magnificent resort and the stunning scenery of Lake Como will turn your wedding into a memorable event for you and your guests. This venue will not only allow you to host a marvelous reception, but also to celebrate your civil wedding with a legally binding ceremony.

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Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello has long been known as one of the most charming and iconic estates on Lake Como. Located in the quaint town of Lenno, it overlooks a lovely patch of woodland on the ridge of Lavedo, that slopes down into the lake forming a small peninsula. Villa Balbianello is an ample and magnificent venue and any event held here will benefit from its unique brand of sophisticated and timeless elegance.

This is my personal selection of the top 5 wedding venues on Lake Como. Which one is your favourite?


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