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Dear friends, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you all through this weekly column, about our shared passion for all things wedding.

I have often insisted on the importance of every little detail, and on how that can make a real difference in the way your wedding reception will be recorded in your and your guests’ memory. Today we will look into a vital aspect of wedding planning, one I deeply care about: music.

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I interviewed Francesco Piciaccia, an established Italian Music Planner. Francesco is a valued friend and an outstanding professional and he also happens to be the mind behind Matrimoni & Musica – Music for Wedding the top wedding entertainment agency in Italy. Who better to talk to about the magic of music.

wedding entertainment

wedding entertainment

What sparked your interest for wedding entertainment?

In order to answer this, I will need to go way back and tell you something about me. I have always had a passion for music and entertainment and I have actively pursued it since the age of 16. This is the one passion that shaped my entire life.

In 2003, together with a friend and colleague, I thought of putting 20 years’ worth of professional experience to good use and explore one of the most compelling branches of the entertainment industry: wedding planning.

When did you decide to start your own wedding entertainment agency?

After working in this particular field for a few years and learning how to manage it in all its complexity, we decided to start our own agency, something unique that did not exist back then, focusing exclusively on music planning for weddings and events. And thus Matrimoni e Musica came to be born.


I felt I had a responsibility to give the best advice to the future brides and grooms, in order to make their weddings unique, exciting and intense, underlining each separate moment with the right music. Music is a fil rouge that creates harmony within a wedding, encouraging communication and making the atmosphere memorable both for the couple and their guests

What advice do you offer to the couples you work with?

I always invite them to my showroom, we chill, have coffee and they tell me about their musical taste, about what they envision for their wedding reception, what style they want to go for, and we plan the perfect musical entertainment together. This is the best way to create a perfect musical texture to match their dream wedding and create an engaging experience.

wedding entertainment

wedding entertainment

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How do you select the best musicians for each occasion?
I have thirty years’ worth of musical experience and knowledge, which allows me to match musicians with couples quickly and easily.

Over the past few years I have produced over 500 music videos, that couples can browse through to decide what works best for them.

Do you focus on music for the wedding reception or for the ceremony?

I look at every possible kind of musical entertainment, from church weddings to civil rites.

How do you pick the right music for each church or city hall?

A harp and a violin make the perfect combination for a church wedding, which can be made even more perfect by adding a soprano, whereas string trios or quartet are among the most popular ensembles for civil ceremonies.

Trends matter a lot in our industry: what are the current top trend in wedding entertainment for the coming season?

The most popular trend in wedding music right now is a discreet background for the opening drinks, possibly with a jazz medley of popular classics, chillout music for the main meal and 90s disco, latin dance and reggaeton for the party.

wedding entertainment

wedding entertainment

Help our readers understand how to deal with SIAE.

SIAE is the main royalty collection agency in Italy and it imposes a fee on music played at events, so that royalties can be paid to the owners of copyrighted music.

How does that work?

SIAE (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori) protects copyrighted music and it issues differend kind s of permits for different events (depending, for instance, if there is to be live music or a dj set).

Do you take care of this aspect too?

Yes, we can acquire all the necessary permits on behalf of our clients: we have a separate office to do just that.

wedding entertainment

wedding entertainment

What’s your advice for a perfect wedding?

Always work with established professionals that know how to deliver the service you need and communicate emotions through music. Your wedding deserves a perfect soundtrack.

I am sure Francesco and his excellent team will help you create the perfect event to match your style and needs. Let your imagination run wild and dollow the music!

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