The 10 Most Enchanting Churches in Italy

Churches In Italy

Churches in Italy

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Once again we would like to engage you in a narration about the magic world of wedding. And today I made up my mind to dedicate this article to a special selection that I was truly happy to indulge in – the 10 most enchanting churches in Italy.

Churches in Italy – The Catholic Rite

You might be curious to know that the weddings performed in churches according to the Catholic rite in Italy exceed in number civil marriages. One is able to discern a great multitude of churches where to celebrate own wedding observing catholic traditions, being at that able to find the one in perfect compliance with one’s aesthetic or structural needs. These beautiful and distinct religious constructions display visual peculiarites that exemplify the period or region in which they were constructed and located.

However, along with the Catholic weddings no less importance have acquired recently civil marriages. Two aspects are to be considered here: first and foremost, the affluence of second marriages over the past few years and secondly, the possibility of celebrating weddings in beautiful sacred spaces that have lately permitted civil marriages acquiring not only symbolic but also legal value.

After deciding to get married in a church all one needs to devote one’s efforts to is setting up an interior. We have to remember that we are dealing with sacred spaces and not just with fascinating architectonic structures.


10 Churches in Italy

Cappela di Vitaleta -Val D’Orcia,


Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Cappella di Vitaleta ||

The Cappella di Vitaleta located in the characteristic village of Vitaleta, in the province of Siena, is immersed in a colorful countryside of southern Tuscany. The tiny little church appears to be the most beloved subject of photos throughout the region. Together with the surrounding hill it truly delights visual senses. Dating back most likely to the late-Renaissance period and being under protection of Unesco today, it represents a sacred building in a purely rural style. This said, you can imagine its importance in the selection of the 10 most enchanting churches in Italy.

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Soccorso – Island of Ischia

Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Chiesa di Santa Maria del Soccorso ||

A small and characteristic church situated in one of the most spectacular landscapes. Being bordered by the sea on three sides, it rises at the edge of the namesake cape overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. A truly unique church thanks also to its principal facade – completely white and adorned by lush stairs covered with precious ceramic tiles of ‘700 representing saints and scenes from the passion of Christ. The church introduces greek-byzantine, moorish and mediterranean architectural features through an exquisite fusion of charming and harmonious forms.

Santa Sabina—Silanus


Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Santa Sabina ||

This holy place included in our sellection of the 10 churches in Italy, offering ideal options for your wedding, unveils a truly unique and impressive structure. The uniqueness of the Santa Sabina Church situated in Silanus is ascribed to its particular architectural form – a central rotunda covered by a dome and bordered by two rectangular spaces with wooden roofs and small apses to both sides of the main apse. Limestone and basalt are main consrtuction materials.

Chiesa della SS. Annunziata di Vico Equense – Sorrentine Peninsusula

Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Chiesa della SS. Annunziata ||

It is one of the most significant churches in the region of Campania. Being located on a rocky spur 90 metres above the sea, it provides wonderful sceneries over the Naples Bay. Architecturally the church appartains majorly to Gothic style, however, due to the 1980 earthquake, essential intervents intending the reconstruction of the principal facade as well were carried out as a result of which the latter reveals baroque stylistic tendencies today. A suggestive bell tower of the XVI century makes the whole picture even more impressive.

Santuario della Madonna del Sasso – Boleto

Lake Orta

Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Santuario della Madonna del Sasso ||

A totally different landscape emerges in front of one’s eyes when visiting lake Orta. The complex comprising the church, belfry and a hermit house, was built in the first half of the XVIII century on a rocky outcrop representing an exceptional panoramic point for admiring the entire lake and the mountains of the eastern coast.

San Giovanni in Ranui – Val di Funes

Alto Adige

Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – San Giovanni in Ranui ||

This one instead offers an ideal option within our selection for those who crave for mountinous landscapes. It is about a beautiful baroque construction amidst majestic alpine scenery offering evocative views of the region. This simple church has been the reason for attracting tourists from all over the world.

Chiesa Della Madonna Delle Grazie – Procida

Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie ||

In my selection of 10 churches in Italy I could not bypass this typical building of baroque style. Facing Corricella, the church was constructed in 1679 by the will of Archbishop Innico Caraccido in place of preexisting chapel dedicated to the cult of Madonna delle Grazie. For this reason the square providing breathtaking views over the sea, Corricella and Terra Murata, was formerly called Semmarezio, Santa Maria.

Chiesa di San Gaudenzio – Baceno

Lake Maggiore

Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Chiesa di San Gaudenzio ||

Now we are talking about the church with rather ancient origins. Indeed, the evidence for the existence of this appealing structure dates back to the first years of 1000. The imposing stone facade leads us into a suggestive interior incorporating five naves. This huge and truly impressive building through its millennary history appears to be the object of interest for millions of tourists.

Noto Cathedral – Sicily

Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Cattedrale di Noto ||

And this time we are heading to the capital of baroque, Noto, each corner of which is a witness to its history. Representing definitely the city’s most important religious structure, its facade is made of tender limestone. The baroque style is enriched with eclectic elements and apparent neoclassical aspirations. The church rises on the peak of a panoramic stairway comprising three flights dating back to the ‘700, while the restoration is linked with the first half of ‘800.

Santuario della Madonna della Corona – Spiazzi


Churches In Italy

|| Churches In Italy – Santuario della Madonna della Corona ||

At the end of our selection of 10 churches in Italy we are not permitted to leave out the sanctuary literally embedded in the rock in a hollow cut in the Baldo Mountain and representing one of the most impressive religious sites throughout Italy. The sanctuary interior houses the sacred stairway (la Scala Santa) recreating the one placed in Rome.

And now let’s disclose your favorite church location in Italy.


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