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marzo 17, 2016

Wedding 3.0

Further to the coming of the digital era, tradition and innovation unite. And so the wedding, apparently traditional, shows elements of the current technology and we […]
marzo 10, 2016

Pantone 2016

Pantone 2016 Are you still unsure about the colour to choose for your wedding’s theme? My dear little brides of the newly started year, today I […]
marzo 3, 2016

Cake Mapping

 Good morning dear brides, it’s nice to see you again! Today I am here to tell you about the latest in wedding for 2016: Cake […]
febbraio 25, 2016

Curvy Brides

Today, with much pleasure, we talk about dresses and specifically those for curvy brides. Many of these women are scared at the idea of having to […]
febbraio 11, 2016

Why rice is thrown to the wedding couples

It is a very ancient custom linked to the wish of abundance, well-being, prosperity and happiness, dating back to the primitive tribes and to their custom […]
febbraio 4, 2016

Tableau Mariage

Tableau Mariage.Here we are! Everything is almost ready for the big day. The wedding cards have been sent and friends and relatives start to reply confirming […]
gennaio 28, 2016

How to make and choose candles

Necessary material: 1. Moulds there are two kinds: those from where the candle is extracted and those where the candle stays inside. The first ones are […]
gennaio 7, 2016

City of Art

The love for art, the art for love If you are fascinated by history, but mainly from the soul of the place, a City of Art […]
novembre 12, 2015

Boho-Chic Wedding Style

It is the boho – chic wedding style the latest trend in the world , an evolution of the modern country – that we have seen […]
novembre 4, 2015


When we talk about an event or a party, we often talk about the buffet, served buffet, appetizers buffer or a dessert buffet. The buffet service […]