Heart and imagination are the most important ingredients

Discovering Sweet Mama, the cake studio one by Milanese cake designer Gizy Bianchi.

Gizy, how did your passion for cakes start?I spent a lot of my time in the kitchen as a child: i loved watching my mother while she was cooking, smelling tasting and admiring the colors of ingredients. I started attending cooking and pastry classes, both in Italy and abroad. About fifteen years ago, I started to decorate my cakes just for fun,for special family events. Given the success of my creations, i expanded my service to my circle of friends and acquaintances. it had become a challenging but fun hobby, that i cultivated in my free time, when i came home from work. three years ago, i then made the decision to quit my hob to devote my time completely to my passion. this is how Sweet Mama was born.

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What is special about your job?
I am a privileged person because i do what i have always wanted to do. i work to add joy and pleasure to important occasion and parties.Every job is different from the other, i always like to innovate and create something new. Heart and imagination are the most important ingredients,, but everything is based on professional and competence.

Tradition or innovation?
Tradition in innovation and innovation in tradition. There is no future without the past. it is essential have a soli foundation,as in any job, but never stop and look back: we must always go forward and try to grow improvise with passion.

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Which is your favorite cake?
My absolute favorite cake is the one with vines and grapes, makes me fell connected to my roots.

Any pans for the future?
If someone has no project, they have no future it’s not achieve them all, but i could not live with the regret of not having at least tried.

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S1/1 Morosini Street
20135 Milano -italiano

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