Stefano Fantozzi

Emporium Band disco gala night

Stefano Fantozzi Emporium Band Disco Gala Night


Stefano Fantozzi is a pianist, keyboard player and singer, as well as a composer and he is part of the funky/dance band “Louncherie” swing quartet.

“My professional adventure stems from the passion that I always had for music, both as a musician and a singer, but, above all, it stems from my desire to offer my experience, that I had acquired over years of concerts and events,  to put it to good use, specifically in the context of weddings.

I have now been working intensively in this industry for 10 years and I must say that, if you manage to establish a good relationship of mutual trust with the bride and groom, wonderful things can happen!” (S. Fantozzi)

Stefano Fantozzi graduated as a piano and keyboard player from the Music University in Rome, in 2003, and attended one of the most renowned singing schools in Italy. He has been on the music scene for over 15 years and he has performed in a variety of different events, from business conventions to private parties. He currently works as a pianist for two of the most prestigious hotels in Rome: the Sheraton Hotel and the Cavalieri Hilton Hotel. His intense live performance schedule has allowed him to grow artistically and professionally and to develop a knack for communicating with an audience.

Stefano Fantozzi’s performances make for first rate live entertainment, with great music and fine showmanship, guaranteeing to make the happiest day of your life even more perfect and memorable. He can play as a soloist or with his band, depending on your needs and wishes, and he will offer you a vast choice of entertainment options, so that you are sure to find one that fits the style you have in mind for your wedding. Each performance is unique and specifically planned to fit the specific requirements of each event. If needed, Stefano Fantozzi will also provide professional grade audio and lighting equipment. He doesn’t leave anything to chance, in the firm belief that every tiny detail contributes to the quality of the whole performance. He is exactly the kind of skilled and reliable professional that you need to impress your guests and make your wedding day truly memorable.

Stefano’s repertoire is incredibly rich and vast, ranging from pop music to swing, from funk to jazz, from rock to rhythm and blues, from classical masterpieces to dance, upbeat tunes that will keep you on the dancefloor until dawn.

Would you like to know more about this or other entertainment service? Are you thinking of spending the happiest day of your life in Italy and of treating your guests to an unforgettable experience? We can help!

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