Speriamo che non piova

Hold a postcard from Italy in your hands, close your eyes and allow yourself to be overcome by the vivid memories of blue skies, the smell of orange blossoms, riding a Vespa on your very own “Roman Holidays”, strolling barefoot through the countryside, freshly-squeezed lemonade made with lemons from Amalfi, the romantic and magic atmosphere that hangs over the venetian “calli”. It’s a mixture of sophisticated elegance, joy the vivre, freedom and eccentricity. At “Speriamo che non piova”, they know how to design a bespoke event that will make your day memorable and stay with you forever and beyond. Every decision is centered on the couple. Their wedding planners will pamper you and help you through every step as the project takes shape and turns into the best day of your life. No detail is left to chance and love gets to shine, be it on a Vespa or a Fiat500, through alleys and city streets, in Rome’s magical atmosphere, in the beautiful countriside of Umbria and Tuscany or soothed by a gently blowing breeze on the coast. Your senses will rejoice and everything will be exactly as you have dreamed it.

About Speriamo che non Piova

Each of us fantasises about their own wedding like a fairy tale, each of us has a specific idea of what the day should feel like, but even in our own envisioning, details are often out of focus. “Spariamo che non piova” will help you turn your wishes and expectations into solid reality, planning your special day with you and sourcing the best professionals in the fields, based on years of relevant experience. “Spariamo che non piova” will help you make the right decisions, but will never make them for you, because the event should reflect your unique style and personality and revolve uniquely around you. Be it a wedding, a fancy-dress party, an anniversary or a renewal of vows, the keyword should be: surprise them! And that’s why you need “Speriamo che non piova”, which literally means “let’s hope it doesn’t rain”. But what if it does rain? Fear not: their experienced staff will save the day.

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