Roberto Candido – Photographer – Rome

Roberto Candido started working as a photographer in Rome in the early 90s.

He made a name for himself straightaway, thanks to the refreshing directness of his style and his ability to effectively catch the moment. Twenty years on, his flourishing career as a wedding photographer has been built on his reputation for outstanding quality, as well as his reliability, professionalism and discretion, not to mention the customer satisfaction of countless couples. Roberto Candido offers a comprehensive and excellent wedding photography service: the whole ceremony is captured in an unlimited series of carefully designed frames.

Roberto Candido and his team document every phase of the event, capturing every facet, from the preparation and dressing up to the wildest dancefloor performances right after the cutting of the cake, aiming to render each moment in a way that conveys the true spirit of the occasion. Roberto Candido will be discrete presence throughout your wedding day and create a professional reportage capturing glances, smiles, gestures and moments of mutual understanding in a natural, emotional way.

Roberto Candido Photographer in Rome

His studio is in Rome, but Roberto will work all over Italy. He has a passion for textures and a keen eye for the tiniest detail, which helps him design shots that will conjure up your emotional journey whenever you look at them. Besides being an acclaimed wedding photographer, he also works with event photography, corporate photography and interior design photography.

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