Preston Bailey in Italy 22-23-24 April 2018

Preston Bailey In Italy

Preston Bailey In Italy

On the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April 2018, an event of the year will be held in Rome, at the Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli. The enchanting Borromini Hall of the luxury hotel will host Preston Bailey and his team of professionals willing to place themselves at your disposal. The Master, assisted by his precious staff, will give you an opportunity, the only one of its kind in Italy, to learn spectacular floral setting design how to’s, to understand closely luxury event technique and socialize with colleagues in the mentioned sector from all over the world. Preston Bailey, who has recently been recognized as one of the best wedding designers in the world by Vogue Magazine, since 1980, has been dealing with the transformation of common spaces and not the luxurios ambiences in a unique and incomparable way, being able to beautify the most memorable moments of his clients.

On this unique occasion in Rome, the Master together with his team will explain to the participants his project and they will work on its implementation, that afterwards, on the last day of his master class, will be presented to the press over luncheon.

Preston Bailey in Italy in Collaboration with I Do In Italy

The event was conceived and carried out by the Cultural Association “I Do in Italy” the chairwoman of which is Anna Marinello, a former wedding planner in Italy with over 15 years of experience in the field. The Association “I Do in Italy” was established to meet the needs of the constant growth and request for information about “wedding made in Italy”. Furthermore, the Association aims at training and spreading knowledge concerning cultural, touristic and artistic potential of weddings not only in the context of cultural enrichment but of social and emotional comprehension as well. The main objective of the Association is to promote, enhance, disclose and expand the understanding of the Wedding sector in Italy and abroad, giving space to a subdivision of “wedding tourism”, having little appreciation until now but offering rather interesting potential and employment opporunities for all.

And so, this valuable collaboration with a wedding giant in the image of Preston Bailey, strengthents once again the desire of the Association to foster Italy and all its potential among the foreign audience and not only among the experts of the field craving for such an important experience.

I Do In Italy

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