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Matrimoni & Musica – Entertainment

Details matter. Actually, on your wedding day, details are paramount. Thanks to the inexhaustible source of visual information that is the internet and to countless wedding-themed TV shows, most couples nowadays have a pretty clear idea of what they want when it comes to decoration, flowers, location and food and they know the names of the best photographer on the market. But have you ever really stopped to consider what you are going to do for entertainment? There are several little things, apart from music, that you could arrange for your guests to have fun and enjoy the day to its fullest.

Just picture the stunned look on your friends’ and family’s faces if they were to be welcomed not by a waiter, but by a mad chef or someone who appears to have infiltrated the staff and that will steal the spotlight with innocent pranks and amusing sketches. Or imagine what your banquet would look like if six dancers should stage a 15 minute show in between courses, with show-tunes from great musicals such as Grease or Mamma Mia. How could you resist getting up and joining them in a dance?

Matrimoni & Musica – Entertainment

If your friends are mostly shy and possibly a bit lazy, a couple of professional dancers might be just the thing to warm up the dancefloor, so that your guests feel more at ease and can let their hair down and join the fun. Do you want your friends to take home a souvenir of your special day? Then why not hire a caricaturist, to draw funny portraits. If technology is more your cup of tea, you could plan your wedding photo-book with a different twist, by choosing to be photographed with unusual accessories, or you could have a video-booth installed, so that your friends can leave you messages. This will make your memories much more colourful and original.

You can have all of this and much more thanks to Matrimoni e Musica, the first wedding entertainment agency in Italy. Its founder Francesco Piciaccia will be able to advise you and offer you a wide range of services and a rich roster of artists, entertainers and dancers that he has personally selected over the years, so that you are sure to find the entertainment option that fits your needs.

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Would you like to know more about this service? Are you thinking of spending the happiest day of your life in Italy and of treating your guests to an unforgettable experience? We can help!

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