Matrimoni & Musica – Music for Weddings

Sax e Dj: il sassofono incontra l'house music

Sax e DJ per i tuoi eventi e per il tuo matrimonio, la soulful house si fonde con il calore del sassofono. Il miglior intrattenimento con la musica che più desideri per il tuo matrimonio a Milano, Torino e altre città.

Francesco Piciaccia is a renowned Italian Music Planner and the founder of Matrimoni & Musica – Music for Weddings, the first entertainment agency in Italy that focuses primarily on weddings.

Martimoni & Musica – Music for Weddings targets a high-spending public, that appreciates its exclusive roster of professional musicians, singers, djs, dancers and entertainers. These amazing artists will ensure that every event is accompanied by first-class entertainment, with individual projects carefully designed to meet each couple’s specific and unique needs. Matrimoni & Musica will create bespoke private and business events in which music is a pivotal part of the project, providing entertainment that perfectly balances sound, lighting, choreography and style. Matrimoni & Musica‘s headquarters are located in central Novara, but their range of action extends to the whole of Italy: they will travel everywhere to deliver fun, sophisticated, high-quality events to their clients.

Matrimoni & Musica – Music for Weddings

Their amazing team will take care of every aspect of your wedding. From the rite – both religious and civil – to the after-dinner musical entertainment. They will find the perfect program for the most solemn moments of the day, for which they might suggest a female solo singer, possibly a gospel choir or an instrumental chamber ensemble (string quartet, duo or trio). For your reception, the choice is endless. You could accompany the welcome cocktail with live music or a background playlist, then you could hire one of their skilled djs to make your guests go wild on the dancefloor, and have professional live dancers and entertainers in between. Matrimoni & musica – Music for Weddings will always find the perfect solution to meet your unique requirements.

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