La Pirotecnica – Fireworks for wedding

Professionals of the pyrotechnic industry for over 10 years we operate throughout the country offering both traditional and innovative performances and effects 
We are the 1st company in Italy specialized in stage effects, we make fireworks performances and special effects for every kind of public and private event: square events, patron saints events, ceremonies and weddings. 
Our strengths are our multi-year experience, technological equipment and a winning team. We are able to achieve dynamic, planned, surprising, unlimited choreography and absolute respect for security thanks to the latest generation of electronic controllers, 
We are able to reproduce scenic effects directly in exclusive events and weddings, adopting a high quality standard of both selected raw materials and equipment thanks to our experience with international artists and productions.
The ethics of La Pirotecnica is in full compliance with the locations, the guests  and play in the backstage. 
We offer Plug’n Play wireless systems packages for events, thanks to which we reduce set-up and dismantlling time at only 60 seconds.
All our shows are designed and produced according to customer’s needs and objectives.
The result is a unique, surprising and unrepeatable product for the total satisfaction of our customers’ expectations. We use exclusively  materials  made in Italy and CE certified . 
Our staff is in possession of pyrotechnic certification, we are covered by accident and damage insurance and we are authorized to transport  explosive goods.
La Pirotecnica makes your dreams come true.
Would you like to know more about this or other entertainment service? Are you thinking of spending the happiest day of your life in Italy and of treating your guests to an unforgettable experience? We can help!

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