Restaurant “le Trabe Tenuta Capodifiume”

"Un Fiume di Stelle" Ristorante Le trabe

Grande serata di cucina al ristorante stellato "le Trabe Tenuta Capodifiume" con un unico comune denominatore la mozzarella campana. Sei chef stellati campani ( Giuseppe Stanzione ristorante "Le Trabe", Pasquale Palamaro ristorante "Indaco", Salvatore Bianco ristorante "il Comandante" Hotel Romeo, Luigi Tramontano ristorante "Bosquet" Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Vincenzo Guarino ristorante "L'accanto" Grand Hotel Angiolieri, Rosanna Marziale ristorante "Le Colonne") hanno dato vita ad un menu' veramente esclusivo.

The Trabe is a unique location situated on a small island surrounded by canals, surrounded by an amazing water garden.

Its enchanting spaces, natural oasis where you inserted the efficient service of its staff, will make all unforgettable moments that will make up your wedding reception.

Spaces The Trabe fits into architectural recovery of what was once a hydroelectric power station. The beautiful rooms inside are extremely evocative spaces them structurally by wood inserts in an architectural result sober, elegant and harmonious. Where once stood the pergolas of the plant, now there are conservatories, surrounded with floor-to-ceiling Windows on the amazing reflections of water and lush greenery. These gorgeous spaces, furnished with minimalist elegance, allow to accommodate a large number of guests in a comfortable wedding banquet.

Services offered The well-kept kitchen and the attentive staff in providing accurate services with the utmost courtesy, will be the guarantee of success of your wonderful reception. Catering Your feast will be prepared from a refined menu respecting tradition and good food.

All this will be accompanied by excellent wines and spirits.

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