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International catering is actually a 100% Italian enterprise. It born of two catering and banqueting professionals’ taste for new challenges, after their 20 years’ experience in the industry. International Catering offers top quality event catering, combining absolute efficiency with keen attention to detail, thanks to their highly trained staff. For all this, they are a household name in event catering in central Italy.
Over the years, International Catering has grown exponentially, particularly as a wedding catering service. As well as their aforementioned professionality and borderline-obsessive thoroughness when it comes to planning a reception catering, they offer unparalleled knowledge of the Mediterranean culinary tradition, which forms the rock-steady foundation of their cooking. International Catering’s trademark style is a sophisticated mix of tradition and innovation, with constant research stemming from a profound understanding of traditional recipes. This is what International Catering’s clientele is looking for, when it comes to catering for receptions, events and weddings.
International catering will place its experts at your disposal, to advise you on each step of the planning for your wedding catering, going over every detail with you, in order to provide an outstanding service. Variety is also one of their strength: they will offer you a vast choice of creative solutions for the table decor and the mise-en-place. International Catering will make your wishes come true, regardless of where and when your wedding is taking place: they will make sure your big day is unique and memorable.
From International Catering you can also rent all the equipment you need to manage your event catering independently: they will provide you will state-of-the-art tools and machinery, which will be delivered and picked up at your preferred location.
International Catering will cook everything on location, from starters to desserts, in full compliance with health and safety regulation, serving excellent and freshly prepared food to your guests. Their staff is highly experienced and professional at all times: they have catering down to a fine art!
As well as regular kitchen facilities, they also have a confectionary, which produces a cornucopia of cakes and pastries, so that every event can end on a deliciously sweet note. The chefs and pastry chefs at International Catering are committed to constant research and regularly attend professional workshops and conferences, in order to keep up to date with the fast-paced evolution of the culinary arts. International Catering’s twenty years’ experience is at your service: their team will offer you the outstanding service your event deserves.
Would you like to know more about this or other wine&food service? Are you thinking of spending the happiest day of your life in Italy and of treating your guests to an unforgettable experience? We can help!

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