Wedding in Italy - I do in Italy

Italy is the most popular wedding destination in Europe and the second most popular worldwide, a long-time favourite of international couples that choose to get married abroad.

The trend was started a few years ago, by several celebrity couples that decided to get married in Italy, and has since been steadily increasing, with more international couples choosing to celebrate their wedding in Italy every year.

Why do so many couples from all over the world decide to get married in Italy? There are a number of reasons, that will appeal to different people. Italy’s history, cultural heritage, natural beauty and worldwide renowned cuisine undoubtedly played a significant part in the Country’s popularity as an outstanding wedding destination. Many plan their wedding in Italy simply because they have wanted to visit for a long time. The mild climate in most regions and the Country’s undisputed reputation for being the most romantic place on earth, might also have contributed to many a couple’s decision to get married in Italy. There also is something to be said for the sheer power of word of mouth: it is not unusual for those who get invited to a wedding in Italy to become so fascinated with it that they decide to repeat the experience when getting married. In fact, Italy is such a popular wedding destination, that its appeal extends to already married couples wishing to renew their vows. For some couples, this might be an innocent excuse for that romantic escapade they had been planning since before the honeymoon and never quite managed to arrange.

If you decide to get married in Italy, you will have a wide choice of locations, each with its own unique appeal. Tuscany is probably the best known and most fashionable destination, followed by the Amalfi Coast, the regions of Umbria, Apulia and Veneto (focusing on Venice and Verona), and the lake region in Lombardy, particularly around Lake Garda and Lake Como. This growing trend has also spurred the growth of a specific branch of the tourist industry, with more and more venues catering to the need of foreign couples wishing to get married in Italy. If you are looking for a stylish and sophisticated venue, you should look into the Charme & Relais hotels, villas, castles and fortresses. Historic mansions and farmhouses are also becoming increasingly popular, particularly among those who want their wedding in Italy to be strongly characterised and to feature specific landscape elements such as vineyards, grottos, masserie, sailing boats or convents. All these elements are guaranteed to offer both the spouses-to-be and the guests a unique and memorable experience.