Small Italian Wedding Venues - I do in Italy

Dear friends, it’s time for a few hidden gems! Ready? So, you are the lucky ones: you have been proposed to and said yes and you are about to start planning the most romantic day of your life.

The first task on your list is finding the perfect venue in which to say “I do” and celebrate with your loved ones. And that’s where you are in luck, because I have a few items you might want to add to your wedding list. For once, we will not be looking at luxury villas, princely castles and seaside restaurants, but small Italian wedding venues that will add that touch of magic and quaint charm to your event.

The Borromeo Fortress Park

The first venue I want to explore with you is located in northern Italy. The Borromeo Fortress Park overlooks, from the top of a small promontory, the beautiful town of Arona, on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

The fortress was built as a stronghold, together with its twin, the Borromeo Fortress of Angera, which is also currently employed as a luxury event venue. Alas, the castle was destroyed in 1800 and left in a state of abandon and disrepair. Later on, the heirs and keepers of the grounds of the Borromeo family decided to bring it to new life, with the aid of public local funding, and in 2011 they opened this stunning event and wedding venue.

Take a walk in the park. Tread on the soft green grass and spare a few moments to admire the breath-taking landscape. Enjoy the peace and harmony of your surroundings, drink it all in and fall in love with this lakeside gem.
This unique venue is ideal for any kind of wedding reception and can also be used to celebrate your civil wedding or your vows renewal. “La Corte della Rocchetta” is the local restaurant and it will provide exquisite menus for your catering.

The Convent of the Annunciation

Travelling to the province of Mantova, in Lombardy, we encounter another hidden gem. As far as small Italian wedding venues go, this is probably one of the most charming. The Convent of the Annunciation is located in the small town of Medole and it is a historic mansion that has been kept with loving care by successive generations of heirs.

The Convent of the Annunciation radiates simple elegance. Forget the grandeur of traditional wedding venues: this is a small raw diamond. In the fair season, an orchestra of crickets and cicadas will provide the perfect soundtrack to your reception, while the sweet scents of plants and flowers envelop your guests in a magical embrace. If, on the other hand, your idea of a white wedding extends beyond the colour of the wedding dress, you could get married here in winter, when the snow covers the grounds around the convent in a thick, soft blanket. A merry fire will be burning in the hearth, as you welcome your guests in the great, ancient halls.

Spring and summer wedding receptions can also be held in the nearby woods. Many small Italian wedding venues will offer you charm and history, but we can guarantee that not many will allow you to celebrate your wedding under a majestic canopy of leaves, communing with nature. Long or round wooden tables, laden and decorated with multi-coloured flowers, will give your reception a unique character and that unmistakeable rustic charm.

You will also be able to celebrate the civil rite in the woods, as well as in the cloister or the patio, while the small adjacent chapel can be used to celebrate the religious rite.
Would you like to discover more of our small Italian wedding venues? Reach out to our wedding planners and start planning for your dream wedding today!