(Why you need to hire) Wedding planners in Italy | I DO In Italy

Planning a wedding requires time, effort and hard work and not everyone can take those resources out of their daily life. That’s why wedding planners were invented.

Wedding planners in Italy are a relatively recent import: professional wedding planning is, as so many other things, an American invention and has been a popular trend overseas for a few decades. On the wake of Martha Stewart’s global success, the profession has grown more and more popular this side of the Atlantic for the best part of 15 years, with wedding planners in Italy starting agencies and creating a thriving market.

Couples nowadays are aware of the need for a carefully selected wedding planner in their lives. The field has grown highly competitive and experience, as always, is a much valued asset that can mark the difference between an amateur and a household name. There’s no other way to excel at this profession than diving right in and staying there for years, creating valuable local connections, assembling a portfolio of trusted professional partners, discovering the best venues in the country and, more than anything else, honing one’s problem solving skills.

When a couple meets a wedding planner for the first time, trust has to be established. It is the wedding planner’s work to fathom and interpret their clients’ desires and needs and start mapping out the complex project that will blossom into their wedding day. After this first encounter, the wedding planner will produce a quote, within the limits of the couple’s budget, to start planning the actual event and negotiating with the various service provider that will need to be involved.

A good place to start planning a wedding is the choice of venue and catering, in this order. Once these two elements are in place, everything else can be taken care of, and there are plenty of essential details to agree on: from decoration to flower arrangements, from furnishings to photographer, from music and entertainment to wedding favours, from dresses and cards to graphic design and seating charts.

Many couples dream of getting married in Italy. Hollywood has had a hand in this growing trend, both through several popular movies featuring Italian landscapes and through power-couples that have chosen Italy as their wedding destination. If planning a wedding is hard, though, it can prove impossible to do so remotely. That’s why, if you are thinking of choosing our Country for the most important day of your life, you need to start looking at wedding planners in Italy now.

Getting married abroad, without having local connections and wedding planning skills, can be a daunting task. The language barrier, for instance, can prevent the bride- and groom-to-ne from interacting directly with venue owners, photographers and caterers. That’s why a good command the English language has become one of the prerequisites for aspiring wedding planners in Italy, as well as a keen understanding of what international couples dream of, when they think of an Italian wedding.

If you hire professionals to plan your wedding on site, communication will be of the essence. Technology, of course, has made this possible: you will be able to stay home and arrange conference calls with your wedding planners in Italy, to check on their progress. However, there’s more to wedding planning than carrying out tasks by proxy: a good wedding planner will help and advise you through every decision you will have to make and they will make sure that every detail is perfect and that the event reflects your style and personality. They will update you on new trends and options for every aspect of your wedding and, most of all, they will take all the stress of the planning off you, so that you can concentrate on the joy of getting married.

Wedding planning can be a chaotic and complex affair and if there’s one thing you can expect, it the unexpected. Organising a complex event often means dealing with a myriad of small hiccups, each of which has the potential of marring your big day, if it’s not tackled promptly. Your wedding planners in Italy will monitor every aspect of the organisation throughout the process, making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

What you need for your wedding is a team you can trust: they will be your eyes and ears throughout the planning process, removing every obstacle, no matter how big or small, and creating the perfect event you have been dreaming of. They will oversee the schedule on the day itself, liaise with the staff, manage deadlines and generally make sure that the only thing you ever have to do is enjoy the moment.

Our wedding planners in Italy are waiting for your call: make your Italian dream come true!