Insights - I do in Italy

Welcome to the insights’ section. 

Exclusive Italian Weddings

Our beautiful Country offers everything we need to make your wedding memorable: from magnificent venues to glamourous, tailor-made, Italian-style wedding dresses, from stunning landscapes to exquisite cuisine and, of course, experienced professionals that will make your special day live up to your wildest dreams. [Continue Reading]

Small Italian Wedding Venues

The first task on your list is finding the perfect venue in which to say “I do” and celebrate with your loved ones. And that’s where you are in luck, because I have a few items you might want to add to your wedding list. For once, we will not be looking at luxury villas, princely castles and seaside restaurants, but small Italian wedding venues that will add that touch of magic and quaint charm to your event. [Continue Reading]

(Why you need) to hire Wedding planners in Italy

If you hire professionals to plan your wedding on site, communication will be of the essence. Technology, of course, has made this possible: you will be able to stay home and arrange conference calls with your wedding planners in Italy, to check on their progress. [Continue Reading]

Marriage in Italy: Requirements

In this insight you’ll find some useful information on the bureaucratic requirements you will need to fulfill, in order to be able to celebrate your wedding in Italy if you are not a citizen or a resident. [Continue Reading]

Wedding In Italy

The trend was started a few years ago, by several celebrity couples that decided to get married in Italy, and has since been steadily increasing, with more international couples choosing to celebrate their wedding in Italy every year. [Continue Reading]