Il Mio Matrimonio

Valentina D'amelio - Il Mio matrimonio

IL MIO MATRIMONIO Wedding Planners vi seguirà in ogni passo: dalla scelta dei migliori fornitori, selezionati grazie ad anni di esperienza nel settore, fino alla creazione di allestimenti originali ed eleganti, dal coordinamento di tutti i fornitori nella fase di contrattazione alla direzione degli stessi durante il giorno del matrimonio

Let’s take Valentina d’Amelio and Valeria Montoneri, two event planners with large an diversified experience in the field, let’s take their ideas, their aesthetic taste, their sympathy, their attitude. Put together this personality and inspirations ensemble and we will have IL MIO MATRIMONIO Wedding Planners as a result, that is Your Perfect Wedding! In fact this duo, with feminine and elegant creativity, and their competent entourage have as starting goal discovering your taste and honouring it on the most important day of your life, complying with every little detail.
Helped by locations of exceptional refinement, that will be able to give prestige to all your desires, they improve what represents their strongpoint: care of colours and details. Offering their variety of services, that will take you from documents to the choice of location and clothing, to continue with the last goodbye of the reception to the honeymoon,
their main concern shows: dedication; so that everything is flawless and is executed in the most perfect timing, letting you enjoy the moment with no care and no tension.

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