How To Get Married Legally In Italy

How To Get Married Legally In Italy

As you all know, we deal with Destionation Wedding in Italy aiming at introducing all the fantastic places where you can celebrate a wedding in this beautiful country. The first question we are usually asked during the first meeting with the foreign couples intending to get married in Italy is always related to the necessary documentation for celebrating their wedding here. And so, below you can find tips on how to get married legally in Italy.

It is certain that there are plenty of places and thanks to the abundant variety of different types of environments offered by Italy all we need to do is to find the one that best suits our taste. Close you eyes and just like me, let yourself be taken by your most secret dreams and imagine yourself in a white dress: where do you wish to be? And from this very response you can determine the place that best adapts to your wedding celebration.

A beautiful white beach with crystal clear sea, a city that at each corner offers its art and millenary history, beautiful vineyards or a mountain covered with pure white snow. There are plenty of choices in Italy. Everything is beautiful, however, as we all know, besides the romantic nuances we also have to take care of a more practical side and therefore, today I decided to share with you some useful advice for celebrating a wedding in Italy in case you have no residence or a domicile in Bel Paese.

How To Get Married Legally In Italy

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I will start with a confession that, as always, the bureaucracy requires some patience and a lot of organization, however, fortunately it does not imply an impossible challenge. If you dream of getting married in Italy, these guidelines are for you.

How To Get Married Legally In Italy?

The first thing you have to provide is Nulla Osta – a Statutory Declaration or a “Certificate of No Impediment” issued by the competent authorities in your city of residence. This document has to be translated into Italian language.

How To Get Married Legally In Italy

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As regards the “Certificate of No Impediment”, the countries that currently issue it are as follows: Austria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

The marriage can be performed at the consulate of your country of origin or by a civil registrar. In order to validate the marriage performed by the competent authorities of the republic of Italy it is necessary to follow the laws imposed by the same country. There must be no impediment specified by the Civil Code: interdiction, lack of freedom to marry, indispensable relationship and affinity, crime, temporary ban on new marriage and also, the age limit specified by the Civil Code (18 years or 16 with authirization) must be respected.

How to Get Married Legally in Italy: The United States and Australia

As regards the United States and Australia, the documents to be submitted are greater in number. Indeed, it will be necessary to submit Affidavit sworn to before the competent authority of the consulate which is responsable for providing the Certificate of No Impediment.

How to Get Married Legally in Italy: The Catholic Rite of Marriage

In Italy it is possible to perform a marriage with legal validity through the Catholic rite. In this case you still have to exercise some patience since the steps to be followed are not that simple.

How To Get Married Legally In Italy

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First of all, you have to attend a prenuptial class at your local parish Church which will also be responsible for issuing a certificate of attendance. The received sacraments and the relevant documents confirming them are essential: baptism, communion, confirmation.

All these documents are to be delivered to tha parish of the church where your wedding will be performed 6/8 months prior to the wedding date.

Moreover, you will have to provide a single status certificate (confirming that there are no previous religious marriages involving both partners). An Ecclesiastical Nulla Osta – Certificate of No Impediment issued by your local parish will be needed.

As a result of an interview with the parish priest performing the wedding, marriage banns will be issued.

All the documents will be valid for 6 months, therefore, you are advised to duly calculate time in order not to anticipate.

As you can see, the tips on how to get married legally in Italy are quite a few, however, everything is possible; as always, a lot of organization and some patience are required of you. For the rest, all you have to do is to choose your dream Location for which we recommend you to browse through our showcases in order to find the one that fits you perfectly.


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