Get married on the Amalfi Coast

Get married on the Amalfi Coast

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once again we’d like to tell you about our favourite wedding locations in Italy. Ever dreamt of getting married on the Amalfi coast? This is where we are taking you this week. We will show you the most beautiful locations and offer you a step-by-step guide to a dreamlike wedding in one of the most dazzling regions of the Country.

Getting married on the Amalfi Coast is a dream shared by many Italian and international couples, since the scenery here is absolutely unique and the whole area is bathed in culture and tradition. A heavenly mix of luxury and natural beauty, the perfect context for your dream wedding.

The city itself and the villages scattered along the Amalfi Coast are incredibly diverse, each boasting its own peculiarities and traditions.

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“Dream” is very much the recurring word here, but I do believe there is no better way of describing a wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Words fail to do it justice and images might even look too good to be true: the beauty of this place has to be experienced to be believed. As soon as you get a taste of the local life, the scents and the ancient culture that permeates these villages, you’ll know what I’m talking about. No word or photograph can do justice to this larger-than-life, multi-coloured and multi-faceted place.

Get married on the Amalfi Coast

Get married on the Amalfi Coast

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Among the many charms of the Amalfi Coast, the main city itself stands out. A local legend has it that Amalfi was built by Hercules as a tribute of love to a girl by the same name, whose eyes were as blue as the sea. The girl died prematurely and Hercules had her buried in a place that was as beautiful as she was and built a city over her grave and gave it his beloved’s name. This charming legend shows just how deeply and tightly love is intertwined in the very fabric of the city of Amalfi, with its shining blue sea. This also happens to be the oldest maritime republic in Italy, whose economy, under the Roman Empire, was largely based on trade. Since 1700, Amalfi has been one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world and it is today a UNESCO heritage site.

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Get married on the Amalfi Coast

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Ravello is a world-class gem in its own right, a treasure of the Amalfi Coast. Over the centuries, it was home to several European artists, who, charmed by the scenery, came here to rest and find inspiration for their work. Beside the view, which is enough to leave anyone speechless, Ravello also boasts its own brand of beautiful architecture, whose uniqueness can be traced in the strong Arabian influences. This village is the ultimate example of how the Eastern and the Mediterranean spirit can coexist in perfect harmony.

Get married on the Amalfi Coast

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Positano is enchanting to behold. It is an ancient village, with a unique architectural style. It develops vertically, so that its picturesque houses seem to nestle in the side of the mountain. Few sceneries in the world can match this one as a backdrop for a spectacular wedding photo-album. The pastel-coloured houses and the narrow alleys that climb steeply up the mountain give it a magic sort of charm. Positano is viewed at its very best at sundown, when the whole town lights up. Looking across the gulf, you will be able to spot the Li Galli archipelago, made up of the three isles that, according to an ancient legend, were home to the sirens that charmed Ulysses with their singing. Nowadays, Positano enjoys worldwide fame thanks to its distinctive local style of wedding dresses: stunning, carefully crafted and entirely Made in Italy creations. The city’s main landmark is the Church overlooking the Spiaggia Grande [Main Beach], which stands out for its unique architectural style and daring palette, with the yellow and green dome resonating perfectly with the colours of the surrounding natural scenery.

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Get married on the Amalfi Coast

||Get married on the Amalfi Coast||


Praiano is undoubtedly among the most iconic locations on the Amalfi Coast. Its name means “open sea”. The best way to discover Praiano and getting a true sense of its uniqueness are its famous stairs. Young brides might not find that a particularly easy or comfortable path, but truly there is no better way of discovering every detail of this town, its history and its heart-warming landscapes.

The Amalfi Coast is made unique by its natural beauty and its history: here love literally is in the air, which I think makes it ideally suited as a wedding location.

The beauty of the Amalfi Coast

Get married on the Amalfi Coast

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Gazing between the magnificent villas and the historic architectures you will encounter the utter beauty of its landscapes, so incredibly diverse and so unfailingly made to leave you lost for words and to give you dizzying sense of freedom and tradition at the same time.

When you think of Italian weddings, you are also thinking of food, specifically, you are thinking of delicious food! In order to make sure your guests only get the very best in terms of cuisine, going local is generally your best bet. And going local in the Amalfi Coast means having a wide range of top-quality products at your disposal. Due to its privileged position, this region offers a great choice of delicious seafood-based dishes. One local recipe you might want to try are the so called scialatielli di Amalfi, a particular type of hand-made pasta with fresh clams. Beside fresh fish and hand-made pasta, the Amalfi Coast also boasts a rich cheese production, such as its exquisite ricotta. Limoncello, the popular liquor made from locally grown lemons, is perhaps the most famous among the local specialities. The bright colours and the lively scent of the original ingredient can be literally bottled up and offered as wedding favours to your guests.

Get married on the Amalfi Coast

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Once you have seen and tasted your fill of the local charms, it is time to take a look at the actual locations you might want to rent for a stylish wedding in this area, whether you want to go for the grand effect or you are after a more intimate and private affair. Whichever way you decide to go, it will certainly have a characteristically Mediterranean flavour.

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