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Directed by: Sergio Pancotti Edited by: Simone Addis Cameras: Sergio Pancotti, Simone Addis Location: Castello di Vinciliata - Fiesole - Florence - Tuscany Villa Rossi - Lucca - Tuscany Florals Design:Karen Tran Wedding Planner: Cindy Salgado Wedding Design & Events: Floral and Wedding Design Studio Dario Benvenuti Living

Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition.
Evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Professionally designed floral designs, arrangements or artwork incorporate the elements of floral design: Line, Form, Space, Texture and Color and the Principles of Floral Design: Balance, Proportion, Rhythm, Contrast, Harmony and Unity.

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