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Eros Comin

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Eros Comin started his own business in 1996. He moved to Milan in 2004 and established his workshop as one of the most prestigious in the city. Eros Comin’s jewelry creations stand out for their unique design and innovative style, that defies conventions. Besides his regular jewelry lines, he also designs an extraordinary wedding rings collection, creating new models every year and always designing each new creation with love and total dedication. Eros Comin aims at pleasing an audience that can value his work’s originality.

His clients are extremely diverse and each comes with their own special requirements and expectations: a challenge to which Eros Comin unfailingly raises, meeting every customer’s needs and proposing original and ingenious solutions. White gold is currently the most fashionable material, often paired with red gold.

Eros’ clients tend to be very demanding and to share his eye for detail. That’s why every Eros Comin product is unique and exciting, created with the ancient technique of lost-wax casting and finished with exquisite craftsmanship. He creates gorgeous light contrasts by alternating smooth surfaces with raw or elaborately wrought ones. Eros is partial to gold over platinum, because it is more affordable and easier to mould: a well-crafted white gold piece looks just as stunning as a platinum one.

Eros Comin Jewelry

Eros Comin’s jewelry workshop specialises in bespoke creations: the artist’s work is based on his own sketches and designs or on the customer’s original idea. This method ensures that Eros always manages to understand the customer’s needs, interprets their personal taste and meets their expectations.

He still finds every single assignment fascinating and exciting, particularly because the pleasure he takes in his job is compounded by the pride of having created something that the purchaser will likely wear and cherish forever. His jewels are alive with love, each one tells a story of its own, uniquely elegant, finished in exquisite detail.

Would you like to know more? Are you thinking of spending the happiest day of your life in Italy and of treating your guests to an unforgettable experience? We can help!

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