Emily Fischer

Constellation Quilt

A short portrait of our friend Emily Fischer and her newest design project, the Constellation Quilt. See more of her work @ http://www.hapticlab.com http://www.publicrecord.tv Directed, photographed and edited by Nathan Caswell Music by Jonn Ollsin Camera and Lighting Assistance by Khyber Jones Produced by Alice Dugan

The video below is a short portrait of our friend Emily Fischer and her newest design project, the Constellation Quilt.

Emily Fischer

Emily has her own design practice in Brooklyn, New York and she has always been fascinated by maps. The trademark of a great designer is their ability of turning everything into a medium for expression, even that which is not necessarily perceived as a conventional designer tool. Emily chose as her medium an artefact that has been traditionally made in many households and passed on through the generations: the Quilt. The Constellation Quilt is the result of Emily Fischer’s desire to combine her passions: maps, design and quilting. This work of astounding craftsmanship conveys the sense of love and thankfulness, of awe at the majesty of the universe and an acute awareness of personal history and of the brief time that we have to fulfil our dreams. The places we see make up the stories we tell and inform the way in which we tell them. And artefacts help our stories last for decades, sometimes centuries, as objects born as labours of love are passed on. For Emily, this project was the product of a long gestation, which begun as her father took her to say the Halley Comet: the lasting impression of that unique event translated into a splendid creation, painstakingly crafted so that every stitch contributes to the final effect. In every inch of thread, Emily’s emotions on seeing the Comet are conveyed to us, thus overcoming the barriers of space and time and creating a narrative we can all be part of, even though it springs from a very personal experience of many years ago.

Are you stunned yet? See more of Emily Fischer’s beautiful work on her official website: Haptic Lab

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