How to plan a Christmas-themed Wedding

Christmas-themed Wedding

Dear friends, I have been looking for new wedding party themes recently and I decided to go for a walk, hoping for inspiration. It only took me a stroll through the city centre to realise that a Christmas-themed wedding blogpost was in order.

Christmas-themed Wedding

Christmas-themed Wedding

As I walked, I got into the cheerful and slightly frantic mood that comes with early Christmas shopping and the festive shop windows got me thinking about the possibilities that a Christmas-themed wedding could present.
We all love to redecorate our home over the holidays, hunting for all the little trinkets that give us a proper feeling of the season. A wedding is not that different: you look around for something that will fit your theme and you know that you will have to choose each item with extreme care, as you are not merely picking ornaments, you are literallycreating someone’s future happy memories. The warmth of a crackling fireplace, fairy lights and the mouth-watering scents of traditional Christmas recipes make Christmas the most romantic season of the year. The only ingredient you need to stir into the mixture is love!

Planning a Christmas-themed wedding is about spreading the yuletide and letting the magic of the atmosphere inspire you. I always experience the same mix of conflicting emotions at Christmas: a sweet, mellow melancholy and a surge of pure enthusiasm that only children can express properly. I spent my entire tube ride home daydreaming of a Christmas-themed wedding and trying to recall all the tiny details and objects that are connected to this enchanting season in my memories.

Your palette will be a triumph of wood colours, red, green and gold. Planning a Christmas-themed wedding is thrilling and unusual. If you have picked a date in December for your wedding you are lucky: you will be able to let your imagination and emotions run wild. Just remember that a successful Christmas-themed wedding requires that very special, warm way of welcoming in your guests that we have come to expect at this time oft year. In order to make the atmosphere at your reception even more perfect, I suggest you select a Christmas jazz-band for your party: it is an elegant, popular and discrete way of enhancing the festive vibe of the event.

How to plan a Christmas-themed wedding

Let’s go straight for THE WEDDING DRESS, which, in the cold season needs to be given extra thought and to be chosen with even more care than at other times. A simple, classy and suitably seasonable option is a traditional white dress, quirked up by a red shrug: the unusual touch of colour will make the whole ensemble romantic and lively at the same time. The groom could echo the red theme with his tie or any other small accessory.
The BOUQUET is one of my favourite details in a Christmas wedding: go for bright green, red and white and add pinecones and berries. The boutonnières for the gentlemen could be enhanced by berries and bright-green pine needles.

Christmas-themed Wedding Reception

Once you have selected your wedding location, there are several details you need to take care of. Here are a few.

One of the first concerns, when planning a wedding, is creating aTABLEAU DE MARIAGE and a Christmas-themed wedding offers us plenty of option to do so in an original way. Selecting one to show you in this post was a hard choice, as there are many and they are all charming in their own special way. I eventually settled for the option that relied on colour the most, as colour is essential in a Christmas-themed wedding. Find the perfect spot and load it with berries, then add your Escort Cards. Pinecones are another Christmas classic and they look simply amazing in atableau de mariage. You could also have each guest’s name and table printed on a bauble or framed by a small wreath.

When it comes to setting TABLES, my personal favourite option is an imperial oak table. When considering the Mise en Place for your wedding, particular care should be put into balancing the colour scheme properly, in order to steer clear of kitsch and stay classy. I’d recommend using red for small details of the tableware, such as napkins or sparse decorations. If country style is what you are going for, rely strongly on wood and wood-coloured elements. Consider adding a running centrepiece made of pine needles and small baubles Don’t hold back on the lighting: candles and warm lights should grace the whole length of the table.

DECORATING. A Christmas wedding reception is likely to be held indoors, which means you will need to be extra careful in making sure that every area of the location is properly lit. Candles and fairy lights are your best friends at this stage, as long as you stick to the warm white variety: multicoloured fairy-lights or cold white led lights are categorically out of bounds. You will also need a Christmas tree. The reception itself might be indoors, but if your location has outdoor grounds, you should have those decorated too, as they will still be in sight of the guests.

And, finally, the WEDDING CAKE. The theme is so perfect it practically writes itself: go for a traditional white, multi-tiered cake with a cascade of red flowers and berries.

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