Castel Brando

Una splendida location nel cuore delle colline trevigiane, Castel Brando è uno dei più grandi castelli d' europa riqualificato per ospitare eventi, congressi e molto altro ancora. Un grazie speciale alla splendida coppia che ci ha permesso di seguirli nel loro matrimonio, a Giuliano Bausano per la sua unica bravura e affidabilità e a Micheline Diab Nasr per la splendida organizzazione.

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Castel Brando is a little under an hour’s drive away from Venice, in the quaint medieval town of Cison di Valmerino, in the heart of the hilly region known for the production of Prosecco wine.

Castel Brando is one of the most ancient and beautiful castles in Europe and it makes for an outstanding wedding location. It will bring you and your loved ones back in time, setting the happiest moments of your life in what could easily be a fairy tale of kings, queen and magic spells.

Castel Brando: The Space

Castel Brando comprises several internal and external spaces, varying in style and size. Its many halls will make your wedding party look and feel like a feast in the olden days. One of the castle’s courtyards houses a small XVIII Century church, the church of St Martin, which is still active and in which it is possible to hold the actual wedding ceremony. The castle also offers a spa, multiple panoramic terraces and over 50 rooms (including 8 suites), in which you and your guests will be welcome to stay after the event.


Castel Brando has its own top restaurant, which can provide an excellent in-house catering service. An experienced chef will be at your disposal to craft a unique and imaginative menu with fresh ingredients. The local cuisine draws from the culinary traditions of the Veneto region and the province of Treviso in particular, adapting recipes according to the latest trends and experimenting with new delicious solutions.

E team of skilled professionals will assist you every step of the way in making your special day absolutely unforgettable, taking care of all aspects of your event, from floral arrangement to the hiring of photographers and entertainers.


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