Blu Maison

Blu Maison

Riprese Full HD e post-produzione realizzata presso l'Atelier di Abiti da Sposa Blu Maison di Montegranaro. Le tecniche di ripresa e montaggio, oltre a valorizzare il prodotto finito, colgono i dettagli della lavorazione artigianale e la passione del personale che crea gli abiti da sposa.

You’re the artist who creates your wedding and, with our support, even your wedding dress.

What do we mean by “tailored-made dress”?
It means that your dress will be exactly as you’ve always wanted it to be and will reflect your soul, it will be unique and beautiful because you will be the one creating it!

Of course, your wedding dress will be of your size, with the right proportions and comfortable to wear so you won’t have any problems on one of the most beautiful days of your life, but the main thing is that it will YOUR wedding dress.

When a new customer chooses Blu Maison, she is invited to chat with us first, to discover together what her aspirations and deepest feelings are: only then we will be able to advise the most suitable design and she will be able to start creating her dress as we go along with the work.


Blu Maison ATELIER
Via Fermana Sud, 419
63812 Montegranaro FM

Phone: +39 0734.889142

Mobile: 331.3576714

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