Atelier Myriam Pieralisi

The Pieralisi Atelier was born in Rome, in 1960, as Teodolinda Giannini Pieralisi opened her sartorial shop, offering bespoke creations. A few years later, her daughter Myriam specialised in designing wedding dresses and was later joined by her own sister Laura, who gathered significant experience in the haute couture business. In this atelier, each dress is created with the utmost attention to every detail: cuts, lace, corsets, hems and handmade silk embroideries that incorporate silver and crystal elements. Each creation is an absolute bespoke masterpiece. Dresses are designed to suit each bride’s unique beauty and match her personality, as well as the chosen style of the whole celebration. Creation is a process in which the customer is very much involved, because a bridal dress is the centerpiece of a very special occasion and it should look and feel like a dream come true.

Made in Italy excellence

The Myriam Piearlisi Atelier has been one of the most notable examples of Made In Italy bridal couture for 60 years, offering outstanding quality as well as unmatched value for money. Each creation by the Myriam Pieralisi Atelier is the product of exquisite and meticulous craftsmanship, balancing tradition and innovation. The Atelier’s expert couturiers handcraft every detail under the close supervision of designer Laura Pieralisi, so that each bride is presented with the perfect dress to make her unique beauty and personality shine. Each creation’s first stage is Laura Pieralisi’s sketch, which then is turned into a paper model by her staff’s expert hands and passed on to the seamstresses, who turn Laura’s idea into the perfect bridal dress. This is a long and carefully managed process, that turns top quality materials into outstanding fashion. Laura Pieralisi exclusively uses made in Italy fabric and materials for both the dresses and the decorations: georgette, chiffon, silk tulle, organza, twill, satin and mikados, as well as Swaroski, Bohemia crystal and lace are handpicked by her and contribute to the superior quality of her creations. Each Myriam Pieralisi dress is design to steal a bride’s heart.

Laura Pieralisi, your bridal consultant

As well as managing her fashion atelier, Laura Pieralisi also works as an all-round image consultant for her brides. “I am a professional bon-ton and design coach and I can design a bride’s look from head to toe: make-up, hairstyle, stance and tips on the ceremony itself will help you achieve perfection at every stage”(Laura Pieralisi). As a wedding specialist, Laura is aware of the latest trends in the industry and can help any bride achieve the perfect look. Each dress is sketched separately, and designed to compliment the bride’s overall look, which includes make up, hairstyle, accessories and bouquet. Every detail works in harmony to express a bride’s unique personality. As an all-round wedding consultant, Laura Pieralisi will help you achieve the look you have been dreaming of, making sure you are ready to experience the best day in your life.

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