ASOLA – Cucina Sartoriale

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Tailored Cuisine

Asola wants to meet an international and contemporary taste, while remaining faithful to classic traditional cuisine.

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On the ninth floor of The Brian & Barry Building | San Babila there is a new gourmet destination for all the haute cuisine lovers. At the height of this vertical dream, “ Asola | cucina sartoriale” dominates the heart of Milan looking out from the building that Brian & Berry have dedicated to celebration of excellence.

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Asola is the realm of Chef Matteo Torretta who interprets great Italian cuisine in a contemporary and international key. Asola serves light but tasty food, that speaks to the heart and not the brain: simple dishes, with well distinct tastes, able to excite and leave a taste memory in all guests.

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c/o the Brian&Berry building 9th floor 28 during street 20122 Milano (IT)

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