10 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding Cake

The cutting of the cake is an essential moment of your wedding day. What if you wanted to move away from the conventional approach and seek an alternative to a traditional wedding cake? From rainbow cakes to heavily decorated ones, several options are available to make your wedding cake as original and unique as possible.

Wedding Cake

1 Rainbow Sponge Cake

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via Something Like Sugar||

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via Clipzine||

If you still want a traditional cake, but you also want it to be surprising, this is the perfect solution. An outwardly ordinary-looking cake with a stunning and delicious colour explosion on the inside. A rainbow sponge cake is a sweet and amazing way to surprise your guests. If you have opted for a colour-themed wedding, you could also have the whole sponge in that colour, under the traditional white icing.

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2 Geode Cake

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via Cakes Decor||

This truly is an unexpected twist on the traditional wedding cake style. What’s a Geode Cake? It’s a masterpiece of cake decoration, almost too beautiful to actually eat it. They recreate the classic, cracked geode look with stunning, multi-coloured and glistening sugar crystals. A geode cake is guaranteed to astonish and delight your guests.

3 Geometrical cake

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via WedLuxe Magazine||

The traditional multi-layered cake is assumed to be round, but there’s no reason not to experiment with a more angular shape in a minimalist style? You can play around with colour and decoration, to match your chosen wedding theme.

4 Marble Cake

Marble design patterns have been enjoying a vast success for a while, as much in fashion as in other areas of design, so why not apply some to your wedding cake? If your wedding has an established palette, you can pick the two main colours and use them for the marble effect on your wedding cake.

5 Doughnuts

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via I Do Yall||

If you truly want to depart from wedding cake tradition, doughnuts are the way to go. You can get as creative as you like with decoration, colour and presentation, with the happy side-effect of having perfect, ready-made, individual-sized portions for your guests. After all, who doesn’t love doughnuts?

6 Chocolate strawberries

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via Every Day in Lilly||

Here’s another irresistible temptation when it comes to wedding cake alternatives: chocolate-covered strawberries. Probably the best aspect of this choice of dessert is the possibility of employing an actual chocolate fountain, which is going to be an endless source of entertainment and delight to your guests.

7 Dessert buffet

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via MODwedding||

You don’t like the idea of a traditional wedding cake, but you can’t contemplate the idea of not having delicious desserts? Have a dessert buffet with bite-sized portions, so that your guests can sample a variety of mouthwatering alternatives.

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8 Metallic cake

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via SIGNATURE BRIDE||

If your wedding reception is the height of glamour, so should your cake. Have you ever thought of a metallic wedding cake? You could have it coated in gold or decorated with a myriad of tiny, sparkling details. This is an excellent compromise between tradition and innovation.

9 Chalkboard Cake

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via Cakes Decor||

Chalkboard cakes are one of the most popular trends of 2017. The best thing about it is that you can have it customised with writings and drawings, to make it look like an authentic chalkboard.

10 Nude Cake

Wedding Cake

||Wedding Cake Via Wedding Forward||

If you have been following wedding planning trends, you might have heard about nude cakes. This particular type of cake is both minimal and original and it can be decorated with fresh fruit and flowers for a truly stunning visual effect.


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