10 unique ideas for your wedding announcements

wedding announcements

Dear friends, as you know, it is our mission to explore all things wedding and find new and creative solutions to make your special day memorable and unique. Today we are going to focus on one of the items that will be at the top of your to-do-list when you start planning: wedding announcements.

We have already discussed the tradition behind this custom and the best way of composing the text for your announcements. Their primary function is, of course, the conveying of the happy news to your guests, and giving them important information such as the time, date and venue of the event. And yet you should never forget that announcements are the wedding equivalent of business cards: they should convey the style and mood of your reception at first glance. That’s why you should pay as much attention to the design as to the content.

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Today we will look at ideas for unusual and creative wedding announcements. Sometimes, all you need to define the style of a wedding is a touch of colour – if that’s the theme you have chosen. If, however, you have opted for more uncommon ways of customising your reception, here are 10 unconventional ideas for your wedding announcements. Brides who are looking to impress their guests will love them!

Ideas for creative wedding announcements

1 Balloons

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Miariage||

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Enfemenio||

If you want your wedding to be all about cheerfulness and celebration, a balloon is the format you are looking for: it will immediately convey a sense of light-hearted happiness. Pick the colour of colour-scheme you prefer and write your wedding’s date, time and venue on each balloon. This is a unique way of SAVING THE DATE!

2 Message in the bottle

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements||

Maritime themes never go out of fashion. If this is the style you are going for, considering delivering your wedding announcement in a small, sea-borne bottle. You can enhance the maritime feel by adding white sand and small seashells to the bottle.

3 Monopoly

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Hitched||

This is probably the most creative and unusual idea on this list, but if you feel adventurous enough to try it, we guarantee it will be fun. Just take a look at the corresponding photo in our gallery. The concept is easy enough: you use the cards from the best known table games in history to provide your guests with all the necessary information.

4 Bookmark

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via MyWedding||

This is a more traditional option. A bookmark is the perfect token to give your guests, if you want your wedding announcements to be creative, while retaining a neat and minimalistic look.

5 Origami finger game

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Etsy||

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via My Wedding Reception Ideas||

Which of us has never made one of these as a kid? You can turn this simple childhood game into a unique and awesome design for your wedding announcements!

6 Picture

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Wedding Party App||

If photography is one of your passions, this is what your wedding announcements should look like: a roll of film will give you that unique, charming vintage look!

7 Jigsaw puzzle

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Wedding Fully||

Give your guests jigsaw puzzles: once they have completed them, they will have your wedding announcements! This simple and yet creative idea is guaranteed to be an instant success.

8 Passport

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Wedding Ideas Magazine||

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Rock Well Catering||

Do you love travelling? Then you should make your wedding announcements look like passports! Make your own passport facsimile, using the colour scheme you selected for your ceremony, and fill them in with all the information your guests are going to need.

9 3D

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Buzzfeed||

If you love puzzles and want to create something unusual to entertain your guests, you should try this. Give out wedding announcements with an “encrypted” message, that requires the use of 3D specs to be read. Of course you will be providing them. This is a unique, fun and engaging way of telling your friends and family about your upcoming wedding!

10 Cinema Ticket

wedding announcements

||wedding announcements Via Etsy||

A cinema ticket might be an unusual idea for a wedding announcement format, but it has been growing in popularity over the past few years. You will be able to customise it according to your own taste and get really creative with the design.

Have you found the perfect wedding announcements for your special day? Are you going for a timeless classic or for something unusual and daring? Let us know!


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